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Based on the idea of exchange, the Homeowner gives accommodation, while the Sharer gives companionship and practical help around the home.
The Homeowners to whom this service is most beneficial are usually elderly individuals who wish to maintain their independence and continue living in their own home, but need a little help and company.

How it works: The Homeowner offers a bedroom and a share of their home’s facilities in return for 10 hours a week of practical support, usually cooking, light cleaning and shopping. Their house becomes the Sharer’s home for the duration of the agreement. The Sharer agrees to sleep in the house for at least 5 nights a week and to offer additional companionship at other times during the day or early evening, perhaps to eat a meal together, play a card game or simply by being in the home.

The Sharer continues his/her regular job or studies during the day. The 10 hours practical help is normally spread out over the week.

Costs: The Agency charges both the Homeowner and the Sharer a small monthly fee. They do not pay each other. Please contact the Agency for full details.

On-going support: The Agency provides intensive, on-going support to both the Homeowner and the Sharer. This includes monthly phone calls and personal visits. The objective is to monitor how things are going and help to clarify and resolve any issues should they arise. The team is always at the end of the phone to provide help, and aims to provide a professional and friendly service.

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